Flynn’s Harp: Centennial of Women’s Suffrage in Washington

Written by Mike Flynn
Posted on 9/9/2010

In the 100 years since women gained the right to vote in Washington State, they’ve left their mark on business, education, community and elective office. So in celebration of the Centennial of suffrage, 100 women past and present will be acknowledged for achieving “firsts” with a special dinner event Nov. 6 at the Seattle Sheraton.

The celebratory event is called “Women Unbound: Celebrate the Legacy” and will serve as both a fund-raising opportunity for the Women’s Center at the University of Washington and as a reminder of the impact women have had in Washington since they gained the vote.

“We’ll honor the suffragettes who fought for and won the vote 100 years ago and celebrate the progress women have made since then,” said Edie Hilliard, member of the UW Women’s Center board and of the committee putting the event together.  She explained the celebration of “firsts” as “women who have been first in their field or first to achieve high honor in our state.”

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